EV Charging Stations


According to most recent studies, electric vehicles (EV’s) are becoming more affordable, have greater driving distances and there are many more EV models being brought to the market every year.  In response to this mounting demand and to support a more sustainable environment, I am pleased to announce a new amenity exclusively available to Boston Properties’ (BXP’s) Carnegie Center tenants.  BXP has installed through our partner, ChargePoint, Electric Vehicle charging stations in three (3) convenient locations within Carnegie Center.  There are four (4) EV charging plugs located in the 101 Carnegie Center, 212 Carnegie Center and 502 Carnegie Center parking lots, respectively.  These central locations were chosen to be conveniently accessible for employees working in the 100, 200 or 500 Series (including 302CC) who would like to utilize the EV charging stations.


The usage of the EV charging stations is complimentary and exclusive to Boston Properties tenants at Carnegie Center.  When registering with ChargePoint you must use your Company e-mail address to be accepted into this program.  I have detailed below the easy steps to get started.


Instructions for EV Drivers

  1. Log In or Sign Up for a ChargePoint Account
  2. How To Sign-Up for a ChargePoint Account:
    1. Get the ChargePoint mobile app on iTunes or Android
  3. Connect to Boston Properties Carnegie Center
    1. Click on the “Connections” tab
    2. Locate the “Connection Code” field
    3. Enter connection code: bxp2019
    4. Click “Apply”
    5. “Request Connection” prompt will appear, click “Request”
    6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
    7. Click “Request Connection”
  4. Wait for BXP’s approval of your request.  Once approved, connection will be listed in the table under the “Connections” tab with an “Approved” status.
  5. You are now an Authorized User of the BXP Carnegie Center EV charging stations at 101, 212 and 502CC!


Please note that most electric vehicles will be fully charged within 4 hours utilizing these Type 2 charging stations.  You will receive a text message from ChargePoint when your vehicle is fully charged.  You will be asked to relocate your vehicle from that parking space to make it available to other EV owners to utilize.  In the event you don’t relocate your vehicle within 1 hour of it being fully charged, you will be charged $2 per hour.


Click here for a map illustrating the charging station locations.